Posted 10 февраля 2023,, 08:35

Published 10 февраля 2023,, 08:35

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Juche in Russian. Why do deputies want to return technical drawing lessons to schools

Juche in Russian. Why do deputies want to return technical drawing lessons to schools

10 февраля 2023, 08:35
The proposal of the State Duma deputies to return drawing to the school curriculum is not able to cause any other reaction, except for shock.

The "sovereignization" of Russia is going at a rapid pace: they intend to return to the school curriculum a long–forgotten subject - drawing. This request was made by members of the relevant State Duma committee to the Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov. The deputies argued their wish by the fact that supposedly this subject should lay the skills of spatial and creative thinking among young people and help educate their engineering staff, Izvestia reported

It seems that it is difficult to imagine a more strange explanation, but it still makes sense. The point is that Western sanctions are already depriving, and soon they will completely deprive Russian youth of access to the most modern technologies, so indeed they will have to get drawing boards, ready–made pencils and erasers - and create projects of carts, huts, axes and other items that have long gone, but a sovereign era. Exactly according to the model of the much-loved North Korea with its orientation only on its own forces, which forms the basis of the idea of Juche. Without computers, but its own!  

Social networks reacted violently to this news.

All this is another step towards educational collapse

Literature teacher Mikhail Pavlovets recalls, in this regard, his school youth:


"I really had a lot of seams with these types of thinking in high school, since I don't seem to have drawn a single drawing. But I was actively developing entrepreneurial thinking: I wrote essays to order - and one essay cost me 2 drawing drawings. Therefore, I had something very positive in drawing (I don't remember what), and my classmates' academic performance in literature was kept at a high level.

But seriously, the return of drawing today (as well as, say, calligraphy) is a completely meaningless undertaking, not provided with either hours, frames, or a sound understanding of why another object should be shoved into the grid of objects.

There is a lot of meaning in literature as a subject for language learners in its various modes, including aesthetic (unlike literature as a subject in its current form, which is where the aversion to it comes from). And in general, it is a strange logic to introduce additional subjects, revealing some deficits in children, instead of using the potential of existing academic disciplines: law - because children are legally illiterate; financial literacy - because they are financially illiterate; juggling - because all subject students complain that children have impaired coordination; chess - because abstract thinking does not develop in children… All this is another step towards an educational collapse, it seems to me."

Maybe then we will return the abacus and armbands instead of calculators?

Network analyst Anatoly Nesmian also considers this venture unpromising:


"There are two things: engineering training and spatial and creative thinking skills. They overlap, but it's not the same thing.

Crawling on a watman five by ten meters is already a thing of the past. Now there is an Autocade and other cadas for this. I won't even justify it: try to make at least one copy from the "handwritten" drawing. And they usually need a lot. In different scales and in different storyboards. And if you suddenly need to turn a 2D model into 3D? And then back, but in a different perspective? What is wrong with modern computer engineering modeling?

And let's give up calculators in favor of an account with bones? Abacus also develops - at least fine motor skills. Yes, a lot of things can be canceled and returned to the staples. There is only one question - why?"

And here are some more responses:

- That's right, nafig enemy CAD to study, we will return to the schools of the ready-made. We will develop fine motor skills in children, it will be useful when assembling and disassembling the Kalashnikov. Inkwells still need to be returned and pens, to restore the 1930s — so in full.- Deputies could not figure out that drawing is no longer relevant and all engineers are now working with computer programs.

- What are they smoking in the Duma?

If they are so ancient, then why don't they remember that the Soviet engineering school collapsed because they plundered factories, and not because they stopped teaching drawing.