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Published 10 февраля 13:01

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"Okay"? No! Sociologists have found out how Russians feel about the foreign borrowings

10 февраля 2023, 13:01
The number of opponents of the use of foreign words in the Russian language has grown significantly over the past ten years.

Sociologists of the "Public Opinion" Foundation found out: 57% of Russians believe that foreign words make the Russian language poorer.

And only 28% are sure that borrowing, on the contrary, enriches the Russian language. Interestingly, the share of both has grown over the past decade. For example, 50% of respondents claim that they are annoyed when others use foreign words, although in 2013 there were only 38% of such people. The use of borrowings in the media is already disapproved by 53%, whereas ten years ago they were 37%.

Age differences are also obvious: exactly half of young people are sure of the benefits of foreign words, but the older a person is, the less tolerance they show for this phenomenon.

The bill prohibiting civil servants and officials from using foreign words in their public activities if there are full-fledged analogues in the Russian language is supported by 65% of respondents, and 18% oppose it.

It is curious that the foreign word that most often irritates Russians has become "OK".