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The trial of a Russian serial poisoner ended in New York

10 февраля 2023, 09:23
Victoria Nasyrova is suspected of murder and two failed murder attempts.

The jury found guilty of attempted murder of a New Yorker Victoria Nasyrova, who tried to poison a Russian woman similar to her with cheesecake and appropriate her identity, the NY Post reports. 

According to a press release from the Queens District Attorney, in August 2016, 47-year-old Nasyrova, who worked as a dominatrix, came to 35-year-old eyelash extension master Olga Tsvik. The client brought with her a cheesecake as a treat, to which she added a large dose of the tranquilizer phenazepam in advance. The women resemble each other in hair color and skin tone, and Nasyrova, according to the prosecutor, hoped to impersonate Tsvik after the murder. "She added a deadly drug to a slice of cheesecake to steal the most valuable thing her unsuspecting victim had, her identity. Fortunately, her victim survived, and the poison led directly to the perpetrator", - the press release says.

According to Zwick, 20 minutes after she ate the cheesecake, she became ill. She threw up, and then she lost consciousness. Nasyrova scattered pills around the victim to make it look like suicide. Fortunately, soon relatives found Zwick, already almost in a comatose state, and brought her to the hospital in time, where she was pumped out. When the woman returned home after discharge, she found her passport, work permit, gold ring and other valuables missing. The police examined the cheesecake scraps and found phenazepam and traces of Nasyrova's DNA there.

It is curious that this is not the first poisoning attempt by Nasyrova. The witness at the trial was 54-year-old Ruben Borukhov, who testified that he met Nasyrova a few years ago on a dating app. On a date, the woman treated him to fish of her own cooking, after which Borukhov lost consciousness. The victim, according to him, does not remember the following weeks, during which he went to the doctors, but when he fully regained consciousness, Borukhov discovered the loss of his watch and an unknown bill in the amount of about $ 2,600.

Nasyrova appeared in New York in 2014, having fled there from Russia after she killed her neighbor, 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko, whose body she burned. The daughter of the victim, who also testified at the trial, said that after her mother's death, her house was robbed, stealing everything from a toothbrush to family gold. The police in Russia arrested Nasyrova and interrogated her, but later released her. Before she was charged with murder, Nasyrova managed to flee the country, and Interpol took up her search.

The verdict will be handed down on March 21. The accused faces up to 25 years in prison.