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Published 12 февраля 07:47

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The total number of deaths in earthquakes in Turkey and Syria exceeded 28 thousand people

12 февраля 2023, 07:47
According to The Washington Post (WP) and Anadolu, the total number of deaths in earthquakes in Syria and Turkey exceeded 28 thousand people.

"As a result of the earthquake in Turkey alone, 24,617 people were killed and at least 80,000 were injured", - WP reports.

Similar information was provided by Anadolu, referring to the Turkish Emergency Management Agency (AFAD). 218,406 rescuers are involved in the search and rescue operation. The Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of Turkey, Murat Kurum, reported on the inspection of buildings in 10 provinces.

"We have determined that a total of 120,940 rooms in 24,921 buildings have collapsed, need urgent demolition or are seriously damaged", - Kurum said.

Another 122,279 premises, according to him, have minor damage or are not damaged.

In Syria, the death toll reached 3,553 people, but information about the victims of the earthquake has not been updated for several days, WP noted.