Posted 13 февраля 2023,, 04:55

Published 13 февраля 2023,, 04:55

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Updated 13 февраля 2023,, 07:27

Artificial intelligence started tracking banned video content

Artificial intelligence started tracking banned video content

13 февраля 2023, 04:55
The Oculus system has been launched, which detects prohibited materials from photos and videos.

According to Vedomosti, referring to the Main Radio Frequency Center subordinate to Roskomnadzor, this system will use artificial intelligence to identify illegal content in photos or videos, in particular, extremist materials, pornography or "LGBT propaganda".

The Main Radio Frequency Center clarified that at the moment "Oculus" is running and "performs tasks in full". At the end of 2022, the system was tested, and in January 2023, its integration into the monitoring programs of the RCN started.

Oculus is able to recognize images and symbols, illegal scenes and actions, analyzes text in photo and video materials. It automatically finds extremist topics, calls for mass illegal events, suicide, pro-drug content, LGBT propaganda, etc. Specialists had to manually analyze prohibited content at the stage of implementing the system and process more than two hundred photos per day.

"The possibility of adding new classes and types of violations, as well as the function of determining the poses of people and their actions, is being worked out", - a representative of the Center told the publication.

Developed "Oculus" in the company Execution RDC. Last summer, the Main radio-frequency center allocated 57.7 million rubles for the development of the Oculus Execution RDS illegal content search system. By the way, IT industry experts believed that it was impossible to create a system within the specified period. According to Smart Engines CEO Vladimir Arlazarov, "at the current level of IT development", the stated tasks can be solved with a quality of about 90%, that is, with 10% of errors. However, as repeated in the Main Radio Frequency Center, "Oculus" has already started work.