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Published 13 февраля 04:40

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In Turkey, a man was rescued from the rubble a week after the earthquake

13 февраля 2023, 04:40
He spent 160 hours under the rubble of the building.

Rescuers from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan participated in the operation to extract it. The work was carried out for over four hours at night. The risk of collapse of structures was great, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia specified. Russian medics provided assistance to the victim when he was still inside the blockage. As soon as he was rescued, he was immediately hospitalized.

It's worth reminding that Russian rescuers are helping to eliminate the consequences of devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, which claimed the lives of dozens of people. According to the latest data, there are officially over 29.6 thousand victims in Turkey, and 8.5 thousand in Syria. Experts point out that the disaster caused damage to the Turkish economy in 10% of the country's GDP - $ 84 billion.