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Published 13 февраля 11:32

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January results: new buildings in Moscow are getting cheaper before our eyes

13 февраля 2023, 11:32
Prices for studios traditionally popular in the capital from some developers have decreased by almost a third over the year

Real estate in Moscow pleasantly surprises. Interesting data on how prices have changed in individual projects of the capital over the year, including, and depending on the number of rooms, is published by the "Either... Or Channel. Comparison, reviews of new buildings". His expert wrote out the prices of the 30 best-selling residential complexes in Moscow, compared them with the price list at the start of sales and now admits that he did not expect this: you can go to any of the projects cheaper today than in 2022.

Studios have lost more than other new Moscow apartments in price: on average by 11%, and in some places the drop reaches 30%! And these are the best-selling residential complexes in the city! Twos and threes are holding up the best, here the decrease was 6-7%. "There were fewer investors there, which means that the price bubble was not so inflated. Plus, a new cheap mortgage for large families has begun to help ...", experts of the channel "Movement about non-movement" believe. The most resistant to change were 3-room apartments.

Well, at least somewhere our prices are going down!