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Published 13 февраля 14:44

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Seven days after the earthquake rescuers found a surviving woman under the wreckage

13 февраля 2023, 14:44
Rescuers from Kyrgyzstan on the seventh day after a powerful earthquake found a surviving resident of Turkey under the rubble.

The survivor is 38-year-old Hadiche Ahar. She found herself under the rubble of a collapsed house in the Khairillo neighborhood in Kahramanmarash, RIA Novosti writes.

More than 250 rescuers from Kyrgyzstan are involved in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey. By now they have managed to save five people. In total, during their work, they found over a hundred dead.

Recall that a powerful earthquake occurred in Turkey on the night of February 6. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called it the most serious disaster in the last 84 years. As a result of the tragedy, more than 31.6 thousand people were killed. A powerful earthquake also affected neighboring Syria. More than 8,5 thousand inhabitants died in this country.

Earlier in Turkey, rescuers found a 10-day-old baby alive. He remained under the rubble with his mother for 90 hours.

In the Syrian city of Jenderis, a newborn was found under the rubble, connected by an umbilical cord with a dead mother. Doctors note that the mother gave birth to a child and died a few hours before rescuers dismantled the rubble.