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Published 13 февраля 05:35

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Video of the day: in Turkey, a dog brought bread to the destroyed owner's house

13 февраля 2023, 05:35
The building in Kahramanmarash was completely destroyed after the earthquake.

A video has appeared online showing a devoted dog trying to dig up the wreckage of a building in search of its owner. He walks through the rubble with a piece of bread in his teeth. The fate of the man remains unknown. Some commentators have suggested that the dog may feel that the owner is still alive.

The number of victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey has grown to 29.6 thousand people. On February 13, Russian rescuers involved in the elimination of the consequences of the disaster managed to rescue a man from the rubble who spent almost a week there.

In Syria, which has also been affected by a series of aftershocks since February 6, 8.5 thousand people were killed.