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A large fire was extinguished in a car service building in Moscow (VIDEO)

A large fire was extinguished in a car service building in Moscow (VIDEO)

14 февраля 2023, 06:34
That night, a two-story car service building caught fire in the north-east of Moscow on 45 "G" Dekabristov Street. The fire area, according to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, amounted to 1.5 thousand square meters. m. It took firefighters almost three hours to eliminate the fire.

"At 23:58, a fire was reported at the address: Moscow, SVAO, Dekabristov str., house 45 "G" By the measures taken at 01:55, the fire was localized. At 02:45, the elimination of open gorenje. At 02:58, complete liquidation," the message on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Moscow says.

173 people and 51 units of equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire. The department clarified that firefighters brought three people out of the burning building. According to the Telegram channel "Moscow News", two of them were blocked on the second floor. The rescued were handed over to the doctors. Information about the dead was not received.

The fire was assigned an increased difficulty rank. Extinguishing the fire was complicated by the presence of car tires, technical means and oils in the service station. According to TASS sources in the emergency services, fuel cans exploded in the building.

Specialists carried out air measurements, but did not reveal an excess of the maximum permissible concentration of substances. Measurements continue.

Due to the fire and the work of firefighters, traffic was blocked on Dekabristov Street, but, according to the Moscow Department of Transport, traffic was restored in the morning.

According to the Moscow Prosecutor's office, the circumstances and causes of the fire are being investigated. The supervisory authority noted the partial collapse of the roof of the building. The establishment of the circumstances of the fire in the service station has been put under the control of the metropolitan Prosecutor's office.

"Previously, the owner of the building where the fire occurred is a commercial organization that carries out economic activities in this room for the maintenance and repair of cars," the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office reported.