Posted 14 февраля 2023,, 14:46

Published 14 февраля 2023,, 14:46

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A war with UFOs? The world discusses the phenomenon of "aliens" in the sky over America

A war with UFOs? The world discusses the phenomenon of "aliens" in the sky over America

14 февраля 2023, 14:46
The US administration has seriously approached the appearance of unidentified flying objects at high altitude, but has not yet managed to fully understand what they are.

On Monday, February 13, almost all the world's media reported that a US F-16 fighter jet shot down an unidentified octagonal object over Lake Huron at an altitude of about 6 km. In total, since the beginning of February, four unidentified aircraft have been shot down over the territory of the United States and Canada.  

American journalist Irina Demchenko writes about this in her blog:

"Purely to speculate: the Americans shot down four air objects over their territory in a month. The first, a large balloon (the size of three buses), was Chinese, the Chinese recognized it. The Chinese say that it was a weather balloon that went off course; the Americans have a different, spy version (especially since it flew over several US military bases), but the country of origin and, so to speak, the registration of the balloon, is beyond doubt. The Chinese have already stated that the Americans are also launching spy balloons over Chinese territory.

Almost nothing is known about the other three objects shot down by the United States, except that they were very different from the first: they flew at the height of passenger planes, 10-12 km above the Ground; they were also balloons, but much smaller in size, each the size of a car. Versions from space aliens to Russian spy balloons are being discussed..."

When we find it, then we'll understand

The incredibly serious approach to solving this seemingly mysterious problem, which is demonstrated by the White House, is evidenced by the fact that on the night of Tuesday, February 14, the US administration held a press conference at which the first research results were to be published.

However, in reality, as expected, it all ended with the fact that US President Joe Biden ordered the creation of an interdepartmental group to study "the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects that pose a security threat", said John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the US National Security Council. "We have not yet been able to definitively assess what these objects are," he said.

He noted that the US authorities see no reason to talk about the extraterrestrial origin of objects, but an interdepartmental group will study options for "detecting, analyzing and disposing of unidentified objects that pose security risks".

Demchenko comments on Kirby 's words:

"Kirby said that the Chinese balloon is one thing (it was shot down over the waters of the USA in Alaska and taken out of the water - we saw these shots), but they have not yet taken out the rest of the downed objects. In Alaska and Canada - because it's winter there, snow and cold, and the shot down yesterday fell to the bottom of a very deep lake…

He said that they have been watching these objects for a long time, that China has a whole program of high-flying spy balloons over many countries, that is, we all knew, but we didn't want to shoot them down before (and Trump was against it), and then Joe Biden gave the command, and we knocked them all down, only now we can't find we can.

He said that all these balls did not know how to change direction and maneuver. The first ball, the Chinese one, was the size of three buses, the others are much smaller, just the size of a car. Sleep well, aliens and aliens have not been confirmed yet..."

However, it will not be possible to sleep peacefully, because everyone wants to finally see the aliens. Natasha Nesbitt, a publicist and writer living in England, though with irony, but wonders:

"What was that? Some new spy technology that Russia, China, or someone else is using? Legitimate research? Something completely incomprehensible, and potentially of unearthly origin?

Why not, actually.

Did we think we saw everything?

"Probably, someone alien is hunting for our brain", - said a colleague.

"What? What nonsense", - the rest of the audience shushed him, – "The brain? Where did we get the brain from? As they arrived, they will fly away. We don't have this resource".

But yes, it seems that it's time to go out with a banner and greet our dear guests, because there is no need to argue with the world government..."

Aliens are always activated on critical days

So in Russia they are wondering what it was? Experts express a variety of assumptions about this in their channels, the main one of which, it became clear, is anti-American.

Political scientist Sergey Markov: "They are still mad. The US is waging a proxy war with Russia. The US is waging a technological war with China. And now they have started a war with UFOs?"

Blogger Boris Rozhin: "The increased activity with the topic of balloons in the United States and Canada is designed primarily to dampen the negative plume from the story of the balloon that flew over the ICBM positional area and was not detected in time, which hit both the Biden administration and the Pentagon..."

"American Number": "Republicans are already using all this news to highlight the weakness of the president and the administration, unable to resist the "Chinese threat." Therefore, for Biden, this is rather a negative case."

Telegram POOL: "The strangeness of the situation lies in the fact that objects appear in the airspace of strong powers on different continents, whose military resources can pose a global threat."

"Watfor": "The flow of UFOs flying in the sky always increases when the whole world finds itself in the agonizing expectation of a nuclear conflict. If they're still from there, maybe they're just curious?"