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Mass media: Russia has increased exports of nuclear fuel and technologies by 20%

14 февраля 2023, 14:24
In 2022, Russia increased the volume of exports of products and technologies of the nuclear industry by 20%.

The volume of deliveries of Russian nuclear fuel to Europe last year turned out to be a record for a three-year period. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to data from the British Royal United Institute for Defense Studies (RUSI).

Previously, the supply of Russian nuclear fuel to the EU did not exceed $160 million per month. However, by the end of December-2022, their volume reached $201.5 million.

Today, Russia remains one of the world leaders in the nuclear fuel market. Unlike many countries, it continued to develop technologies in this area, Kommersant notes.

After the start of the Russian military special operation on the territory of Ukraine, neither the EU nor the United States imposed sanctions on the Russian nuclear industry. To date, every fifth US nuclear power plant with 92 nuclear reactors is dependent on the supply of enriched uranium from the Russian Federation.

In early February, representatives of Poland and Lithuania in the European Parliament called on Ukraine to impose a ban on the supply of Rosatom products to the EU and announce sanctions against the management of the concern. However, this proposal has not yet been accepted.