Posted 14 февраля 2023,, 09:03

Published 14 февраля 2023,, 09:03

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"My conscience is clear": how a principled mayor saved a Turkish city from destruction

"My conscience is clear": how a principled mayor saved a Turkish city from destruction

14 февраля 2023, 09:03
After the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the mayor of Erzin from Hatay province, Okkesh Elmasoglu, became the main national hero. On the territory of the 42-thousandth city, located in the epicenter of the earthquake, not a single house collapsed during the impact of the elements and not a single resident died.

The reason for the miraculous rescue of citizens was the integrity of the mayor, who from the moment he took office rigidly resisted the pressure of developers and categorically did not allow illegal construction carried out in violation of safety standards.

"As a result of the tremors that occurred on February 6, buildings were destroyed in all areas of Khatai, except for Erzin", - writes the telegram channel "Base".

Elmasoglu explained that the reason for the miraculous rescue of the residents of Erzin was that he acted strictly within the law, making no exceptions for anyone. Mayor Elmasoglu resolutely suppressed any attempts of illegal development on the territory of the municipality and forbade everyone to work without a license, even his relatives.

"Of course, people always find a way to build without permission and supervision. But even if it is impossible to prevent it by 100%, you can reduce the scope. I didn't compromise, and it cost me a quarrel with a lot of people. But my conscience is clear", - the mayor said.

Earlier it was reported that during the earthquakes in southern Turkey, more than 6,000 buildings were destroyed, more than 31,000 people died under the rubble. The authorities of the country called the incident the most destructive blow of the elements in the last 100 years.

According to media reports, during the reign of President Erdogan, several "construction amnesties" were announced throughout the country, during which the owners of self-built buildings received permits for the commissioning of unlicensed facilities for a fee. The elements tested their strength. The result was massive human casualties. Political analysts say that the earthquake greatly shook Erdogan's position and caused fierce discontent among opposition-minded citizens.