Posted 14 февраля 2023,, 10:24

Published 14 февраля 2023,, 10:24

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Norwegian intelligence has announced a growing nuclear threat from Russia

Norwegian intelligence has announced a growing nuclear threat from Russia

14 февраля 2023, 10:24
The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) has prepared an annual report listing the key threats to the country's national security. Its authors note the growing importance of nuclear weapons for Russia due to the "weakening of conventional capabilities," Kommersant notes.

The document states that the Russian Federation has substantial reserves of military equipment, especially old models. It is noted that the strategic and regional deterrence forces of the Russian Federation are becoming increasingly important for Russian military power. NIS also fears "unintended incidents" that will lead to escalation between Russia and NATO, emphasizing the growing risks of misunderstanding between the parties.

"The central part of the nuclear forces (of Russia) is located on submarines and surface ships of the Northern Fleet. Tactical nuclear weapons pose a particularly serious threat under several scenarios in which NATO countries may participate," the prepared report says (quoted by Kommersant).

NIS analysts also noted the presence of anti-satellite weapons and cyber assets in the Russian Federation, which, in their opinion, "may threaten Norway and NATO".

"Precision—guided weapons are an essential part of Russia's defense and deterrence strategy in relation to NATO, and Russia will have to keep most of the remaining missiles as a strategic reserve", - according to Norwegian intelligence.

In June 2022, the leaders of the NATO countries approved a new strategic concept for the development of the alliance, where Russia is called the main threat to the security of the bloc. At the same time, NATO stated that the alliance does not seek confrontation with Russia and does not pose a threat to Moscow.