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Putin: withdrawal from the ECHR will not violate the rights of Russians

14 февраля 2023, 15:10
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the level of human rights protection in Russia will not worsen after the Russian Federation leaves the Council of Europe and deprives Russians of access to justice in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

According to the President, even without the participation of the ECHR, Russian courts are able to reliably protect the rights of citizens of the country.

Speaking at a meeting of judges of arbitration and military courts, the President of the Russian Federation said that the decisions of the ECHR were often "politicized", which is unacceptable, writes Kommersant.

"The question was put directly: would withdrawal from the ECHR entail a decrease in the level of protection of citizens' rights and freedoms in our country? I won't hide it, and I've always thought about it too… But in the end, in my opinion, our judicial system, using national judicial mechanisms, is able to reliably protect them," the president's words are quoted on the Kremlin website.

On March 15 , the Russian Federation withdrew from The Council of Europe, and after September 15, the jurisdiction of the ECHR ceased to apply to the Russian Federation. In June, Vladimir Putin signed a law authorizing the Russian authorities not to comply with the decisions of the ECHR adopted after March 15, although the court continued to consider complaints from Russians received until September 16.

According to the ECHR, complaints from Russia's complaints of violations of the Convention on Human Rights were among the most numerous in the general file of the court. The share of the Russian Federation accounted for almost a quarter of all applications (22.4%).

A significant proportion of complaints were appeals related to torture, inaccessibility of justice, violations of freedom of speech. For many citizens of the Russian Federation, despite the length of waiting for decisions to be made in the ECHR (a number of citizens had to wait for 10 or more years), applying to the European Court was the only opportunity to receive compensation for those human rights violations that the national courts in the Russian Federation did not take into account.