Posted 14 февраля 2023,, 12:20

Published 14 февраля 2023,, 12:20

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Updated 14 февраля 2023,, 14:45

The EU has added Russia to the list of tax haven countries

The EU has added Russia to the list of tax haven countries

14 февраля 2023, 12:20
The European Union (EU) has included the Russian Federation in the "grey list" of tax jurisdictions that, according to the EU, do not fully comply with international tax standards. The list consists of 16 positions, most of which are offshore.

"[The EU] regrets that these jurisdictions do not cooperate in tax matters and invites them to improve their legal framework to address the identified problems", - the EU Council said in a statement (quoted by Kommersant).

Along with Russia, the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, and the Marshall Islands were included in this list. According to the text of the document, the listed jurisdictions either refuse to conduct a constructive dialogue with the EU on tax administration issues, or do not fulfill their obligations to implement reforms. Regarding Russia, the inclusion in the list is motivated by non-fulfillment of obligations to eliminate "harmful aspects of the special regime for international holding companies." In a statement, the EU Council said that the dialogue with the Russian Federation "reached an impasse" after the start of the special operation.

The head of the Swedish Ministry of Finance, Elisabeth Svantesson, whose words are given in the document, called on the jurisdictions represented in the list to improve the legal framework and ensure compliance with international taxation standards.

The statement also refers to the exclusion from the "gray list" of Northern Macedonia, Barbados, Jamaica and Uruguay, which, according to Svantesson, fulfilled their obligations.