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The military found out about Ukraine's plans to accuse Russia of radioactive contamination of Chernobyl

The military found out about Ukraine's plans to accuse Russia of radioactive contamination of Chernobyl

14 февраля 2023, 15:55
Ukraine plans to accuse Russia of "gross violation" of the Convention on nuclear safety. The coordination headquarters for humanitarian response, subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, learned about this.

The Ukrainian authorities plan to make a statement on this issue on February 22 before the 11th emergency special session of the UN General Assembly.

"Representatives of the Kiev regime plan to present to the world community some "weighty evidence" allegedly confirming that as a result of the actions of Russian servicemen at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and in the exclusion zone in February — April 2022, "radioactive contamination of significant territories of Ukraine occurred", - the coordination headquarters said, which was distributed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The headquarters noted that the purpose of preparing this statement is to create a negative background and put political pressure on countries that did not support anti-Russian sanctions to ensure their "correct" vote in the UN in support of the Kiev "formula for peace" and individual initiatives related to the confiscation of Russian assets in favor of Ukraine.

Specialists from Norway were involved in the preparation of this "independent" conclusion. Preparations for the provocation began at the end of January with a formal request to the European Coordination Center for Disaster Response for the supply of 66 thousand sets of overalls, 20 million gas masks and chemical reconnaissance devices. After that, Norwegian experts allegedly surveyed the area around Chernobyl and in the Kiev region, and then gave a false conclusion about the radioactive contamination of these territories.

In addition, the Kiev regime is preparing to accuse Russia of exporting radioactive materials from Chernobyl from the exclusion zone. As evidence, it is planned to provide surveys of Chernobyl NPP workers and data from the Kiev authorities on the increased number of appeals to Kiev hospitals with complaints of radiation damage.

The Headquarters notes that funding has already been allocated for the preparation of paid information materials on this topic. They are going to be published in European and American media. In addition, it is planned to create a special platform through which this information would be distributed in the languages of the inhabitants of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The message notes the instruction to ignore any refutations of this information from the IAEA and the Pentagon. Recall that the repeated visits of the IAEA mission to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April, June and November last year, as well as in January this year, confirmed the normal radiation background at the station and the surrounding area. Similar information is contained in the report of the mission on the results of the visit to Ukraine in September.

Recall that on the eve of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced "great events" that Russia will remember. They will be timed to the anniversary of the special operation in Ukraine. Among these events are new sanctions and arms supplies to Ukraine.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly accused the Ukrainian authorities of preparing provocations at the nuclear power plant. In October last year, it became known about Ukraine's plans to use a "dirty bomb". Dmitry Kuleba then called such statements "absurd lies".