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Published 14 февраля 11:09

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The number of people rescued from the rubble in Turkey exceeded 8 thousand people

14 февраля 2023, 11:09
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a video message to the World Government Summit in Dubai, announced the rescue of more than 8 thousand people from the rubble in earthquake-affected areas.

"Most of the 81 thousand victims have been discharged from hospitals, some continue treatment", - Erdogan added (quoted by Interfax).

During his speech, he thanked all the countries that provided assistance to eliminate the consequences of the devastating earthquake, search and rescue of victims. The Head of State stressed that Turkey will never forget "the friendship they showed on that tragic day."

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred in the south-east of Turkey in the early morning of February 6. It was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. A few hours after that, tremors of magnitude 7.7 were recorded. The earthquakes led to large-scale destruction and collapse of buildings in the country and abroad. The total number of earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria exceeded 36 thousand people. 32 thousand deaths were registered in Turkey alone.