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Published 15 февраля 12:36

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Estonia has expelled the organizer of the "Immortal Regiment" campaign from the country

15 февраля 2023, 12:36
The Estonian Police and Border Guard Department has decided to revoke the residence permit of the organizer of the Immortal Regiment campaign in the country, Sergei Chaulin. He was asked to leave the country.

On the eve of the evening, February 14, it became known about his departure, the country's security police, which initiated the expulsion of the activist, said in a statement. Sergey Chaulin has returned to Russia, reports ERR.

The police said that the activist had been distributing propaganda materials in support of Russia in the country for a long time.

The activist himself confirmed to the TV channel that he was deported from the country. He noted that he was called to the police under the pretext of returning the portraits of the "Immortal Regiment". At the same time, he was charged at the police station, his phone and documents were taken away. "I was in work uniform. That's where I was deported. They didn't even give an opportunity to call a lawyer," the activist commented.