Posted 15 февраля 2023,, 05:36

Published 15 февраля 2023,, 05:36

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Updated 15 февраля 2023,, 07:09

It will be painful! Dentists complained of a shortage of anesthesia

It will be painful! Dentists complained of a shortage of anesthesia

15 февраля 2023, 05:36
Difficulties began with the purchase of equipment.

Since March last year, Russian dental clinics have begun to fix problems with the supply of an American drug for local anesthesia. Previously, it was imported from Uzbekistan. The institutions also announced the suspension of the supply of Vitremer cement for dental treatment in children and the delay of the German Ultracaine Sanofi Aventis. Difficulties are also noted with the purchase of dental equipment, for example, hogs and cutters.

According to RBC, inconveniences are also associated with the lack of grinding wheels of the company "3M", which left the Russian market. Market participants pointed out that the Russian analogue is significantly inferior in quality.

- The abrasiveness of the discs is low, and for the primary grinding of the seal, not one disc is needed, but two or more, which increases the cost of treatment and increases its duration, says Irina Lukashenok, a representative of the First Family Clinic of St. Petersburg.

Due to the lack of Ubistesin supplies, dentists have started using domestic Articaine-Binergy, but its effectiveness is lower. If in the case of Ubistesin, 1 capsule of the drug was required to achieve the effect, now we have to inject 3-4 capsules.

According to domestic clinics, prices for drugs available for purchase have increased significantly, and their delivery time has increased 2-3 times. There are no high-quality Russian analogues for most medicines.