Posted 15 февраля 2023,, 04:36

Published 15 февраля 2023,, 04:36

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Updated 15 февраля 2023,, 07:15

The United States announced the interception of four Russian aircraft over Alaska

The United States announced the interception of four Russian aircraft over Alaska

15 февраля 2023, 04:36
The airliners did not enter the airspace of the United States or Canada.

As reported by the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), it "discovered, tracked and intercepted" four aircraft belonging to the Russian Federation, which allegedly invaded the identification zone of the Alaskan air defense.

"NORAD detected, tracked, accurately identified and intercepted four aircraft that invaded the Alaska air defense identification zone and were in it on February 13", - NORAD said.

They added that Russian planes regularly fly in the Alaska air defense zone, they are not considered as a provocation or threat. It is emphasized that the flights "are in no way connected with the recent operations of NORAD or the US military" related to the detection of unidentified aircraft in the skies over the USA and Canada.

Earlier, a Chinese balloon was spotted in the airspace of the United States. Washington said they did not shoot him down to see where he would fly. A blimp was shot down off the coast in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, when the balloon was over the Atlantic Ocean. Beijing protested to the States. Then the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, pointed out that by the end of 2022, American balloons had illegally entered Chinese airspace more than ten times.

By the way, the American authorities, including NORAD, declare numerous cases of detection of certain objects in their airspace, linking this with the appearance of UFOs.