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Published 15 февраля 15:07

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WHO Director: the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is the most powerful natural disaster of the century

15 февраля 2023, 15:07
The Regional Director of the World Health Organization has recognized the February earthquake in Turkey and Syria as the largest disaster of this century.

"The strongest natural disaster in the European region in a century" called the most powerful earthquake that occurred in the central part of Turkey and in the north-western regions of Syria in an interview with Politico, the regional director of the World Health Organization for Europe, Hans Kluge.

To date, only according to official data, the death toll in Turkey has exceeded 31 thousand, and in Syria – 5 thousand people, and these numbers will only grow. Kluge also said that about 26 million people in these countries are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

The destroyed water supply system and damage to the health infrastructure in both countries provoke the growth of various kinds of infectious diseases. That is why WHO has already called on the world community to allocate $ 43 million to eliminate the consequences of a natural disaster, although it is obvious that a much more impressive amount will be required. Kluge added: "I expect this amount to at least double in the coming days as we get a better estimate of the scale of the crisis and the needs".