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Published 16 февраля 11:25

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A Syrian girl born under the rubble was hidden because of the threat of abduction

16 февраля 2023, 11:25
After the news about the miraculous rescue of the child went viral, several impostors appeared at the hospital where Aya was lying, posing as her relatives.

Newborn baby girl Aya, who was found by rescuers under the ruins of a house in Syria still connected by an umbilical cord with her dead mother, was transported from the hospital to a safe place, Business Insider reports. This was done as a precaution due to possible kidnapping attempts.

Aya, which means "Divine sign" in Arabic, was the only one left alive in her family. Her parents and four siblings were killed during a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in the city of Jenderis in northwestern Syria. The mother died shortly after the birth of the girl.

After the news of the miraculous rescue of the girl appeared in the world media, thousands of people from all over the world expressed a desire to adopt her. After several strangers came to the hospital claiming to be Aya's relatives, the child was taken under police protection. And then because of the threat

possible abduction or adoption fraud, she was transported to a safe place. She is being cared for by the hospital manager and his wife, whose own daughter is four months old. The girl will stay under the guardianship of the couple until her great-uncle takes her to him, ready to adopt Aya.