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Published 16 февраля, 14:51

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An American woman who took a calf to walk on Red Square was banned from entering Russia for 40 years

An American woman who took a calf to walk on Red Square was banned from entering Russia for 40 years

16 февраля 2023, 14:51
US citizen Alicia Day, who staged a calf-walking rally on Red Square the day before, was expelled from the country and banned from coming to Russia for the next 40 years.

This decision was made by the Trinity Court of Moscow, which considered the case of an American woman on violation of the rules of stay in the country.

According to TASS, the girl had no registration in Of Russia. She came to the country on a tourist visa.

The American herself expects that this court decision will be canceled, and she will be able to return to Russia, because during her stay in the detention center, she began a romantic relationship with a policeman. In her video message, she said that she does not regret her action with a walk on Red Square with a calf. "I do not regret that we walked with the cow on Red Square, because now she has fallen into good hands, she now lives in a shelter for wild animals, where they will take care of her for the rest of her life", - she said. The girl said that if this experience with being behind bars was necessary in order to tell the whole world about her love for animals, she is ready to take this step again.

She recorded the video message in a taxi on the way to the airport. "I'm sad that I have to fly away from Russia, but I hope that this decision will be reversed", - she said, smiling. The girl said that in the isolation ward she met a policeman, for whom she had strong feelings. "I do not know how to deceive and hide what is in my soul. I hope that Russia will give me a chance to return", - the girl summed up.

Recall that an American woman at the end of January staged an action with a walk with a cow on Red Square. The girl was detained, after which the court fined her 20 thousand rubles, and also sent her under arrest for 13 days. She was found guilty of organizing an unauthorized protest. The girl herself then said that she did not plan to participate in any protest actions, but just wanted to show the calf the city. The police also noted in the protocol that the detainee is a zealous fighter for animal rights. During the protest, she shouted slogans that "animals are not food".