Posted 16 февраля 2023,, 07:53

Published 16 февраля 2023,, 07:53

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Kommersant: Germany does not issue a permit to Rosatom for the supply of equipment for the Turkish nuclear power plant

Kommersant: Germany does not issue a permit to Rosatom for the supply of equipment for the Turkish nuclear power plant

16 февраля 2023, 07:53
According to Kommersant, during the construction of the Akkuyu NPP by Rosatom in southern Turkey, problems may arise with the supply of electrical equipment from Siemens Energy. At the moment, the German regulator has not issued the necessary package of permits for export.

"The Federal Administration of Economy and Export Control of Germany (BAFA) has not issued to German Siemens Energy all the necessary permits for the supply of an integrated switchgear (CRUE) to the Akkuyu NPP under construction by Rosatom in Turkey", - sources told Kommersant.

In particular, the German side had doubts about the point of delivery, which is due to fears of further export of CRUE to Russia. At the same time, such equipment is manufactured for a specific object. One of the interlocutors of the publication pointed out that Ankara initiated negotiations with Berlin, developing a solution that would allow the supply to be allowed.

Rosatom has been building a four-reactor nuclear power plant on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey since 2018. Moscow and Ankara are also negotiating the construction of another nuclear power plant in Sinop on the Black Sea coast.

At the end of January, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez announced plans to launch the first reactor of the Akkuyu NPP by the end of this year. The station itself, after full commissioning, will cover 10% of the country's energy consumption.

Kommersant also notes that on the eve it became known about a similar ban by BAFA concerning the supply of equipment for the Paks-2 nuclear power plant, which Rosatom is building in Hungary. The regulator refused to issue a permit for the supply of process control systems. In addition to Siemens Energy, the contract also involves the French company Framatome, which received the necessary permission from the French authorities. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto criticized Berlin's actions on February 14, and also called the situation an encroachment on sovereignty.

"This can be regarded as an attempt on our sovereignty, since the security of energy supply is a matter of sovereignty", - Szijjarto said, stressing Berlin's lack of legal grounds for blocking supplies.

As reported to the publication in the Akkuyu Nuclear NPP design company owned by Rosatom, there was no official warning about the suspension of equipment supplies. It is also noted that Siemens Energy has almost completely completed the manufacture of the necessary equipment.

"Now our partner Siemens Energy is complying with its contractual obligations for the supply of equipment", - Akkuyu Nuclear said.