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Published 16 февраля 11:37

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The EU wants to ban the supply of toilet bowls to Russia

16 февраля 2023, 11:37
As part of the tenth package of sanctions, the European Union may impose a ban on the supply of sanitary ware to Russia — toilets, bidets, flush cisterns and other goods.

According to European media, along with plumbing, the EU authorities want to ban the shipment of radio equipment, LEDs, lasers, electronics, mail sorting machines, software, rare earth minerals and a number of other goods to the Russian Federation.

According to EUobserver, the new sanctions are designed to hit the Russian industry. Pipes, bricks, tires, hemp yarn, equipment for nanotechnology, as well as pharmaceuticals needed as precursors for the production of nerve toxins will also be banned. Negotiations are also underway to impose sanctions on rubber, but a number of EU countries object to this measure.

According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of sanctioned goods will amount to 11 billion euros over the year.

Along with sanctions against Russia, the EU intends to impose restrictions against Iran — first of all, they are related to the supply of components for the production of drones.

As the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said earlier, the EU authorities plan to introduce the tenth sanctions package by February 24 — the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian military special operation on the territory of Ukraine.