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Published 16 февраля 08:25

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Video of the day: a strange explosion occurred at the feet of the head of the Ministry of Health of Turkey

16 февраля 2023, 08:25
During the communication of the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health Fahrettin Koji with doctors and journalists, a strange explosion occurred, which was filmed by journalists of the AHaber TV channel.

"When Health Minister Fahrettin Koja was talking to the medical staff, an explosion occurred next to him", - AHaber reports.According to one version, coal exploded in one of the furnaces, according to another, some explosive object got into the fire near the minister.

After the flash, sparks covered the surrounding people. The TV channel reports that the minister was not injured. Judging by the footage, the participants of the conversation got off with fright.

The incident occurred during the Minister's trip to the earthquake zone, where a tent camp was set up.