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The FSB prevented a terrorist attack by ISIS supporters* at a chemical enterprise in the Kaluga region

17 февраля 2023, 07:22
The FSB reported on the prevention of a terrorist attack at a chemical plant in the Kaluga region. During the detention, two visitors from Central Asia, who were supporters of the terrorist organization IG* banned in Russia, were liquidated.

During the search, powerful homemade explosives and incendiary mixtures were found in their house. There was a laboratory for making explosives in the house. It is noted that the attackers planned to blow up fuel tanks at the plant. In addition, firearms and ammunition were found in the house.

The FSB noted that the criminals planned to leave for Syria after the terrorist attack.

During the detention, they offered armed resistance. They were killed by return fire. As a result of the operation, none of the security forces and civilians were injured. A criminal case was initiated under the article on preparation for a terrorist attack.

Earlier, FSB officers detained a participant of the Ukrainian nationalist movement "Azov"** in Rostov-on-Don (banned in Russia). According to the intelligence service, the detainee arrived in Russia under the guise of a refugee.

* - a terrorist organization banned in Russia** - an extremist organization banned in Russia.