Posted 17 февраля 2023,, 09:42

Published 17 февраля 2023,, 09:42

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The Kremlin hopes for "understanding" of business with the introduction of an additional fee

The Kremlin hopes for "understanding" of business with the introduction of an additional fee

17 февраля 2023, 09:42
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the government hopes for "understanding" on the part of business when the authorities decide to impose an additional fee on entrepreneurs.

According to the press secretary of the president, the practice of "voluntary fees" from businesses is quite common in the world. Nuances of its introduction to The Russian authorities are discussing with representatives of companies.

Peskov stressed that when introducing a new fee, "voluntariness" is important, but business should understand that work in the Russian Federation is "a two—way road."

"Therefore, here, of course, it is necessary that both sides — although we are all on the same side — but clearly aware of the realities in which we now live, and the needs that now exist in the country," — RBC quotes Peskov.

The introduction of a one-time "voluntary fee" from Russian enterprises was previously announced by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov. In total, the authorities intend to collect about 300 billion rubles from the business.

Recall, on February 8, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov said that the Cabinet of Ministers of the country and big business are negotiating the payment of a voluntary contribution to the budget in 2023. According to him, there is no question of raising taxes. The contribution proposed by the authorities will be a one-time payment. The authorities explain the "unexpected profit" received by companies in 2022 by such withdrawal of funds. The authorities are convinced that due to the change in market conditions, some industries received "super profits" last year. Enterprises are offered to contribute part of these funds to the budget. The mechanism of collecting a new fee from enterprises is now being actively discussed with business representatives.