Posted 17 февраля 2023,, 07:07

Published 17 февраля 2023,, 07:07

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All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center: 82% of citizens consider Russia a great power

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center: 82% of citizens consider Russia a great power

17 февраля 2023, 07:07
Analysts have found out that Russians are busy "searching for the foundations of new stability".

Speaking at a meeting of the scientific council of the center dedicated to the anniversary of the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Mikhail Mamonov, head of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM) political analysis practice, said that the majority of Russians support President Vladimir Putin. The respondents answered that the country has already reached the status of a great power or is on the way to it. At the same time, the number of supporters of the special operation increased from 65 to 68% over the year.

Last year was a year of "large-scale uncertainty" for society, which can be divided into four stages. The expert called the first stage "economic tsunami and social consolidation", it was in March—April. The second one is for the period from May to the first half of September, "post-shock effect, strengthening of hopes and strengthening of social consolidation." The third is "mobilization shock and reassessment of the situation" — from November 2022 to February this year. The third stage is characterized by the "search for the foundations of new stability." There is an understanding in society that the current situation will not be resolved quickly, and people have new demands on the authorities, society and themselves.

Citizens' trust in the Russian leader increased by 13 percentage points in 2022 compared to 2021 - from 65% to 78%. Approval of the activities of the head of state - from 60% to 75%. Legitimacy - from 53% to 73%. Moreover, Mamonov pointed out that the legitimacy of the entire political system of the country has increased.

51% of citizens in 2022 believed that Russia is already one of the great powers. In 2021, there were 31% of them. Now 82% of Russians believe that Russia will either become a great power, or it already is.