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Alexander Bastrykin reported on the initiation of more than 150 cases of fakes about the army

20 февраля 2023, 06:50
Chairman of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin announced the initiation of 150 criminal cases on statements discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. According to him, 136 people have been brought to criminal responsibility.

Bastrykin said this in an interview with TASS. The head of the Investigative Committee clarified that 53 cases of discrediting the Russian army were brought to court, 16 sentences were handed down. He stressed that such crimes are very serious acts. According to him, this approach is dictated by time, and many underestimate the public danger of such crimes. In this regard, he expressed support for the measures taken.

"False information about the actions of the armed forces can harm not only specific citizens, but also the interests of the state and public security. Therefore, the sanctions established by the legislator of the new articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are fully justified", - Bastrykin said (quoted by REN TV).

In the middle of last week, the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Vladimir Solovyov, said that the organization would seek the abolition of criminal and administrative responsibility in cases of fakes and discrediting the army, but after the completion of the special operation. He stressed that the SDR twice managed to cancel fines for journalists for statements about their own.