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Published 20 февраля 08:25

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EU permanent representatives prepared to vote on new sanctions against Moscow and Minsk

20 февраля 2023, 08:25
It is expected to announce the next restrictions on February 22.

Permanent representatives of the EU countries at a meeting on February 22 this year intend to finalize the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, as well as a package of restrictive measures against Belarus.

If the measures are adopted unanimously by representatives of the 27 EU countries, the package will be considered approved. Then they will launch a technical registration procedure, and after that the document listing the sanctions will be published in the official journal of the EU. The package will be considered effective. The meeting of the permanent representatives is scheduled for Wednesday, it starts at 10.45 Brussels time (12.45 Moscow time).

It's worth reminding that the tenth package has not yet been agreed due to the divergence of opinions of European countries regarding the import of Russian rubber. Germany and Italy are not ready to give up this product, but Poland demands to limit its purchases. It is now known that the supply of European sanitary ware to Russia will fall under the sanctions. At the same time, uranium was not included in the list of restrictions. The restrictions are likely to affect electronics, special vehicles, spare parts, dual-use goods.