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Published 20 февраля 04:36

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Pyongyang launched three ballistic missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan

20 февраля 2023, 04:36
Japan has requested an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council because of North Korea's missile launches.

Japan's Maritime Security Service announced three missile launches from North Korean territory on Monday, February 20. All the missiles fell outside the country's exclusive economic zone. Tokyo has requested an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with North Korea's missile launches on February 18 and 20, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said.

"It is necessary to continue collecting information, remain vigilant and deepen cooperation with the United States and South Korea," the Prime Minister stressed.

It is known that on the morning of February 20, Pyongyang fired two missiles. The flight altitude of the first rocket was 100 km, the flight range was 400 km, the second – 50 and 350 km. Both missiles landed outside Japan's exclusive economic zone. After that, North Korea confirmed the launch of a third missile - a 66-mm multiple rocket launcher.

On the eve of Seoul and Washington held joint Air Force exercises after the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by the DPRK. The military used the B1-B heavy bomber. Before that, Kim Jong-un's sister and the deputy head of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Ye Jung, said that Seoul is not a target for Pyongyang's ICBMs.