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The "Boar" of Roskomnadzor will find the authors of anonymous messages

The "Boar" of Roskomnadzor will find the authors of anonymous messages

20 февраля 2023, 06:16
In Russia, the testing of the information bomb disposal system on the Internet "Boar" (Vepr - editor's note) has begun, which is planned to be launched in full mode this year.

According to Vedomosti, the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRC) subordinate to Roskomnadzor is engaged in checking the new system.

Since 2022, the Neobit company, which produces technological solutions for the FSB, the Ministry of Defense and other departments, has been developing a new information system.

The very development of the "Boar" system was estimated at 30 million rubles, the tender was announced in the summer of 2022.

The purpose of the new information tracking system in the GRCC is to identify potential points of tension in the network, which in the future may develop into information threats. All these bursts will be analyzed, as well as create forecasts of the "subsequent spread of destructive materials".

Another task of the "Boar" is to determine the likely author of anonymous messages, as well as "the likely traffic for a given media material when it is published". The criteria for determining the authorship of anonymous publications, as well as the degree of error of the system when decrypting content, are not officially called.

It is expected that the new system will also be able to predict spikes in the spread of "infobombs" in the public space and independently predict the further development of topics, including the assessment of the risks caused by them. Vepr will deliver the received information to the competent authorities, which will already take the necessary response measures at the state level.

The Boar will be an addition to the Oculus system already launched by Roskomnadzor. While "Oculus" will analyze images and videos, identifying illegal content in it, "Boar" is designed to analyze texts. To what extent artificial intelligence will influence decision-making mechanisms in government agencies is not yet reported.