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Published 21 февраля 08:16

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A dream comes true! President and ex-Presidents of Kyrgyzstan "forgave each other"

21 февраля 2023, 08:16
If ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiyev returns to Kyrgyzstan, he will be taken into custody, the current Kyrgyz leader Sadyr Zhaparov said.

"There is a court decision regarding Bakiyev. If he returns, he will be taken into custody. We must obey court decisions", - Zhaparov said in an interview with Kabar.

On February 18, a meeting of all the former heads of Kyrgyzstan was held in Dubai, which was aimed at "unification". Zhaparov announced that such meetings will continue to be held "with all politicians in the country".

On February 13, the President announced that he had held a meeting with all the former presidents of the republic:

"A heartbreaking dream about the future of the country has come true - for the eternal solidarity of our people, I have united former presidents and put them at the same table. What is the current state of the ancient Kyrgyz, who created great empires and settled the Eurasian space? We are losing our former empire due to fragmentation and power struggles. For the sake of the future of the nation, former presidents put an end to their past and supported the initiative to unite in one fist. They expressed their grievances, acknowledged their shortcomings. Most importantly, they were able to forgive each other. That was my goal".

He urged his compatriots not to remember past grievances in order to strengthen the country's sovereignty.

Recall that Bakiyev lost his position in 2020. In April, opposition rallies were held in the center of the capital - Bishkek. During the riots, three hundred people were injured, over 80 became victims of the actions. Bakiyev, who was then the head of state, fled Kyrgyzstan.

Bakiyev now lives in Belarus. He, as well as his brother, were convicted of organizing a mass murder on April 7, 2020. Both were sentenced to life in prison, in absentia. Later, the sentence was commuted, appointing instead a life sentence of 30 years.