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China has named six principles of global security

21 февраля 2023, 08:36
The Chinese government has published the concept of the Global Security Initiative, which includes six principles of the country's foreign policy.

According to the concept, Beijing also assumes 20 priorities for cooperation. Compliance with these principles will eliminate international contradictions and prevent armed conflicts, improve governance in the field of global security.

Among the security principles listed are commitment to the vision of common and sustainable security, commitment to respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, commitment to respect the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, commitment to a serious attitude to the legitimate security interests of all countries, commitment to the peaceful resolution of differences between countries through dialogue and consultations, as well as commitment to ensuring security in traditional and non-traditional spheres.

Two dozen priorities of cooperation mention active participation in the formulation of a "new agenda" for peace, the implementation of United Nations resolutions and the promotion of a political settlement of international conflicts.

Recall that last week, the head of the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC of China for Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, said that Beijing had developed a peace plan to end hostilities in Ukraine. By February 24, the anniversary of the Russian special operation, this document will be made public.