Posted 21 февраля 2023,, 11:03

Published 21 февраля 2023,, 11:03

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Figure of the day: 3% of illegally mobilized Russian citizens returned home

Figure of the day: 3% of illegally mobilized Russian citizens returned home

21 февраля 2023, 11:03
The Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov said that his department managed to return home more than 9 thousand residents who were illegally mobilized as part of a partial mobilization for their own.

It was thanks to the successful work of prosecutors that more than nine thousand illegally mobilized citizens of the Russian Federation were able to return home, including for health reasons. This was announced at the end of January by the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov during a working meeting with President Putin: "Through the efforts of supervision, more than nine thousand citizens who were illegally mobilized were returned home. Including those who, due to their state of health, should not have been mobilized in any way." Priority areas of work of the supervisory authority were also discussed during the meeting.

Earlier, the head of Krasnov pointed out that prosecutors should not spend more than three days working with the appeal of each citizen on the issue of partial mobilization.

The Prosecutor General also noted that as a result of the inspections, prosecutors revealed a number of shortcomings during the mobilization. "Mobilization has not been carried out for a long time, it revealed a lot of significant problems, which became a lesson for many, forced them to reconsider approaches in organizing military records, in forming appropriate databases of military personnel," Krasnov said, and added that now the issues of supplying winter uniforms to military personnel, as well as creating and ensuring the safety of warehouses, are under the control of the prosecutor's office.

Experts of the medical and legal company "Invokanet" positively received this news. Firstly, it demonstrates the fact that the laws in our country work. Secondly, citizens who are entitled to a postponement by law have returned home. Thirdly, the rights of citizens are respected:

"It is pleasant to realize that both our assistance to the mobilized and our consulting work have been useful and effective for citizens.

Recall that partial mobilization took place in the country since September 21. During it, 318 thousand citizens were recruited, respectively, 3% of the total mobilized were returned home..."