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Published 21 февраля 13:28

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The Prime Minister of Moldova demanded the withdrawal of the Russian army from Transnistria

21 февраля 2023, 13:28
The new Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Rechan, who took office in February this year, said that Russian troops should be withdrawn from Transnistria.

According to Rechan, the solution of the Transnistrian issue should be "exclusively peaceful".

"This means that Russia must withdraw its troops, evacuate weapons and ammunition", - Interfax quoted the prime minister as saying.

According to Rechan, Russia has repeatedly pledged to do this, and now the Moldovan authorities want to make sure that the promise will be fulfilled.

"This means demilitarization", - Rechan said, pointing to the need to withdraw the remnants of the former 14th army from the region.

The Prime Minister pointed out that more than 1,500 Russian military personnel, who are part of the operational group of the Russian armed forces, "are on the territory of the Republic of Moldova without legal grounds".