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Published 22 февраля 2023,, 19:00

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Shaky stabilization: a sense of uncertainty in society still remains

Shaky stabilization: a sense of uncertainty in society still remains

22 февраля 2023, 19:00
Дмитрий Михайличенко
In his speech, Putin promised Russians a return to their usual life, but at any moment this trend may be disrupted.

Russian political scientist, Doctor of Philosophy Dmitry Mikhailichenko commented on Putin's message to the Federal Assembly on his channel:

"The message of the head of state demonstrated not a mobilization, but a sustained and progressive action plan, however, unlike the corresponding messages of previous years, current statements cannot fully guarantee stability and clear rules of the game (for obvious reasons).

The ruling class considers the personality factor of the head of state as the determining factor and, taking into account the decisions taken (including the beginning of its own), this point of view corresponds to reality. However, the current situation is radically different: the implementation of the designated policy depends not only on the sovereign will, but also on the dynamics of hostilities in the zone of its own and, for example, the plans of the United States in this regard.

The indicated construction aimed at stabilizing the situation in society, muffling the cheers of patriots and returning to the rhythm of habitual life, meets the expectations of a tired and apolitically atomized Russian society. However, this construction can be disrupted at any time by military operations in the zone of its own, including the factor of arms supplies by Western countries and military actions on the part of Ukraine. Then the Russian leadership will have to make completely different decisions, and urgently.

In other words, a high level of uncertainty remains, and the designated design should be considered as desirable, not valid. Only the positions of the country's leadership remain unchanged in it, as well as the desire to strengthen the support of the so-called elites who are concerned about the depletion of the resource pie. A clear signal was given here: "there is money and resources, you will get everything" (naturally, adjusted for the factor of your own).

The society is not ready now for a mobilization regime in the broad sense of the word, but the planned steady-forward action plan is aimed at ensuring that this new type of society is gradually formed. This is not a fast process, it has a strong inertia of resistance, but it unfolds systematically and structurally and is expressed in the transformation of social institutions (economy, education, culture, etc.).

At the same time, the adaptability of the ruling class itself to the era of its own is quite high. It's not just about the beneficiaries of the fighting in its purest form. The point is that the ruling elite, in principle, knows how to enrich themselves on everything: privatization, nationalization of the economy, sanctions, covid, and, of course, ITS own. Under the conditions of the dominance of the ruling class, it could not be otherwise.

However, the topic of voluntary and other contributions from business, which is voiced by members of the government, makes these beneficiaries think (in quotes and without) - much more seriously".

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