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Published 22 февраля 05:27

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Slovenian Prime Minister Golob refused to recognize Russia as a "sponsor of terrorism"

22 февраля 2023, 05:27
The resolution on the inclusion of the Russian Federation in the list of states "supporting international terrorism" was prepared by the Slovenian Democratic Party led by former Prime Minister Janez Jansa.

According to Slovenian Radio and Television, the head of the Slovenian government, Robert Golob, did not support the idea of his predecessor. Yansha claims that the SDS prepared the resolution because the ruling coalition did not do it. He saw "dozens of reasons", allegedly testifying in favor of attributing the Russian Federation to the number of supporters of world terrorism. The party also demands to help the Kiev regime even more actively by providing political, humanitarian, economic and military support.

However, there is no list of countries supporting terrorism in European legislation. Yansha was reminded of this in the Prime Minister's office. The Slovenian government intends to "do everything to achieve a truce (in the Ukrainian conflict) and finally give diplomacy a chance". Slovenia "does not always need new political declarations", Golob stressed.

In the middle of the month, Slovakia declared Russia a country supporting terrorism. The Republic did not recognize the entry of four new regions into Russia. Latvia became the first country to include Russia in its national list of states supporting terrorism. In the fall of 2022, the inclusion of the Russian Federation in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism in the United States was considered counterproductive