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Published 22 февраля 07:28

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The Slovak Foreign Minister in Russian insulted the Hungarian Prime Minister because of the position on Ukraine

22 февраля 2023, 07:28
In the Hungarian parliament, a Slovak politician was invited to consult a psychiatrist.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Rastislav Kacher (pictured) allowed himself obscene language during an absentee discussion with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, expressing indignation at his "anti-Ukrainian position", reports Kacher was outraged that Orban was distancing himself from the conflict of third countries while the European Union was "united in helping the Kiev regime. Pumping the latter with a weapon Kacher considers morally correct action.

"At the weekend, their Carpathian prophet ranted that this is not our war. This is "just a military conflict between two Slavic states." It was necessary to leave them alone, isolate them. That is, let the Russians quickly kill the Ukrainians. Don't let them worry. How disgusting. How pathetic", - Kacher said, adding an obscene word in Russian at the end.

The head of the Hungarian Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Zsolt Nemeth, responded to the attack and advised Kacher to consult a psychiatrist.

"I know Mr. Kacher well, because he was the ambassador in Budapest and I met with him several times. I must say that I am very concerned about his mental health. And I would advise him to visit a psychiatrist urgently", - Nemeth pointed out.

The State Secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Relations, Tamas Mentzer, pointed out that Kacher is a provocateur, which means that his statements should be reacted accordingly. The Hungarian side will not succumb to provocations. In witchcraft, the position of Nemeth is also shared.

In the middle of the month Slovakia announced Russia is a country that supports terrorism. The Republic did not recognize the entry of four new regions into Russia.