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Published 23 февраля 07:00

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"I was made in the USSR!" Gazmanov sang in Luzhniki in a Prada down coat for 340 thousand rubles

23 февраля 2023, 07:00
The logo of the Italian brand was sealed by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

The network distributed a photo in which the singer Oleg Gazmanov (pictured in the center) during a speech at a rally concert in Luzhniki is dressed in a Prada down jacket, worth 340 thousand rubles. However, the tag with the logo on the artist's clothes was hidden. As Gazmanov himself explained to the Baza tg channel, he hid the logo in order to comply with the rules of television, on which it is forbidden to advertise the name of companies.

"And I agree with that", - Gazmanov stressed.


At the beginning of the year, Gazmanov was criticized by Internet users for the fact that, speaking at a corporate party in Dubai, he refused to voice his attitude to the Russian special operation in Ukraine, asking to "give" him "a rest".

By the way, Gazmanov joined the newly created Russian Music Association, whose members oppose the abolition of Russian culture in the world.