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Published 23 февраля 10:51

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In China, reports on the supply of weapons to Moscow were called NATO speculation

23 февраля 2023, 10:51
This was stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin.

He stressed that information about Chinese arms supplies to Russia is speculation, and called on the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance to abandon "groundless speculation" regarding the Ukrainian conflict and "really do something" to achieve peace.

"As we all know, the United States and other NATO countries are the largest source of weapons for the Ukrainian battlefield, but now they continue to spread information that China can supply weapons to Russia. Appropriate tactics have been used and exposed since the very beginning of the Ukrainian crisis", - the diplomat said.

He stressed that the bloc ignores the security interests of the Russian and Ukrainian sides, although it claims to be a defensive alliance.:

"What role NATO played in the Ukrainian crisis is clearly visible to the international community".

Earlier today, the American side once again accused Beijing of military assistance to Moscow. US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink, in an interview with reporters, said that the Chinese authorities are secretly helping Russia in conducting a special operation, despite words about supporting peace in Ukraine.