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Published 23 февраля 12:42

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Joke of the day: Putin admitted that he himself would hardly listen to his Address

23 февраля 2023, 12:42
During a conversation with combat veterans, Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) jokingly admitted that he himself would hardly have been able to listen to an almost two-hour message to the Federal Assembly. He noted that it is easier to talk than to listen.

"Here you mentioned, you said about the Address. And you know, of course, it's very hard to listen to everything. Almost two hours. I would even have a hard time listening to all this myself if I had to listen. It's easier to say than to listen", - Putin said (quoted by RIA Novosti).

In the course of communication with veterans of military operations, he recalled that the last words of the message were that the truth is on our side. After that, the head of state clarified that "the future is definitely ours", addressing the young participants of the special operation. In turn, the President of the Russian Federation sees the future in joint work.