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Media: The EU will exclude uranium and diamonds from the package of anti-Russian sanctions

23 февраля 2023, 10:11
The Russian diamond business and the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation will not be included in the new tenth package of sanctions of the European Union against Russia.

This is reported by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

According to TASS, Hungary, France, Bulgaria and Belgium oppose the introduction of anti-Russian uranium and diamond sanctions, whose economy largely depends on supplies from Russia has fuel for local nuclear power plants and raw materials for a profitable diamond business.

The governments of these countries are not ready to make sacrifices and meet the calls of Kiev and the Baltic states to increase sanctions pressure on Russia.

New restrictions on trade between the EU and Russia may touch about 50 electronic components for missiles, drones and helicopters.

The most vehement opponent of sanctions is Hungary, which is significantly dependent on Russia.

On the eve of the EU ambassadors could not agree on the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. Negotiations are expected to continue after lunch on February 23. Most of the participants of the meeting are convinced that the 10th package should be adopted and put into effect by February 24.

Today, 1,386 individuals and 171 companies have been sanctioned by the EU. During the negotiations, Hungary opposes the expansion of the sanctions list and demands that the names of four Russians be removed from it.