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Published 24 февраля 07:21

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Kazakhstan has imposed a ban on the export of coal by road

24 февраля 2023, 07:21
The Kazakh authorities have banned the export of coal and lignite (brown coal) from the country by road for six months.

This is reported by Interfax with reference to the statement of the Government of the republic.

"It was decided to establish a temporary ban for a period of six months on the export of coal and lignite (brown coal) from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by road", - the message reads.

The reasons for the adopted restriction have not yet been reported.

Earlier it became known that against the background of the energy crisis provoked by the start of the Russian military campaign on the territory of Ukraine, there was a sharp rise in energy prices in the EU. In the face of the rejection of Russian oil and gas, the authorities of Western countries, despite the protests of environmentalists, began to return to the use of coal, although earlier they intended to completely abandon it as part of the "green energy" strategy.