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Published 24 февраля 08:27

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The increase in drug prices over the past month has been noticed by every third Russian

24 февраля 2023, 08:27
The increase in prices for medicines and medicines over the past month was felt by 33% of participants in a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation.

Every fifth resident of the country speaks about the increase in prices for clothes and shoes. Another 18% talk about an increase in prices for building materials, detergents and personal hygiene products. The increase in prices for electronics and household appliances was noted by 17% of respondents. Another 16% note an increase in gasoline prices, according to the survey data.

Among the food products, Russians note an increase in prices for meat and poultry. This was stated by 35% of respondents. Another 32% noticed an increase in prices for milk and dairy products over the past month. 29% note an increase in prices for vegetables and fish.

The absolute majority of survey participants (77%) believe that prices have increased over the past month. At the same time, more than half of respondents say that prices rose even faster than a month earlier. Not a single person said that prices have decreased over the past month.

70% of respondents expect that prices will continue to increase next month. At the same time, 26% believe that the growth rate will be even more rapid. Only 2% expects a price reduction. Another 9% believes that prices will not change.