Posted 27 февраля 2023,, 09:56

Published 27 февраля 2023,, 09:56

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Have had enough of running about: Many of the Russians who left due to the mobilization are returning home

Have had enough of running about: Many of the Russians who left due to the mobilization are returning home

27 февраля 2023, 09:56
Apparently, Russian citizens who hurried to fly out of the country last autumn have faced great financial difficulties and are now forced to return home.

Ivan Zubov

Those who escaped from partial mobilization run out of money and are forced to return to their homeland.

The media reports that flights to Russia from countries supporting air traffic with it are packed with people "to the eyeballs". The flow of returnees through border crossings at the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries has increased.

The situation goes beyond the return of just tourists. It comes to the point that even Aeroflot employees who have been vacationing in Thailand cannot fly home. They flew to the sea at service rates with the maximum possible discount: if a regular commercial round-trip ticket costs more than 60 thousand rubles, then the discount for employees is only 17. The availability of such discounts on tickets for the whole family is one of the important criteria for choosing a profession for those who like to travel. However, at this rate, you can fly only if there are free seats on board, and on flights from Thailand they were not in the "economy" or in the "business", and the "landing" stretched for many days.

The media reports that a similar situation has developed in the UAE. It is difficult to explain what is happening with anything other than financial problems for failed emigrants.

"Dreams of a cheap life in the tropics and plans to get rich on remote and arbitration are broken. The West bans the cards. Few people will dare to drag out a beggarly existence in a foreign country on principle. But in Russia, for the most part, protest returnees are not needed. They can influence the political situation, they are not suitable for assault units, there are also few extra jobs for them...", - experts of the REDACTED P6 channel believe.