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The number of passenger cars decreased for the first time in more than five regions

The number of passenger cars decreased for the first time in more than five regions

27 февраля 2023, 04:47
Experts believe that this is due to the departure of citizens from the country and the fall of the car market.

According to Kommersant, referring to traffic police data, according to the results of last year, 60.45 million vehicles were registered in the inspection, 312 thousand more cars than in 2021. The daily growth of the fleet was noted in 2019-2021 by 1.4-1.9%. In no less than six Russian regions, the passenger car fleet has declined for the first time in many years. Moreover, Primorye became the record holder for the fall - 15 thousand cars were not registered there.

By the end of last year, there were 50.6 million passenger cars in the country. Basically, these are cars with a Euro-4 engine - there are 15.8 million of them. There are 23.7 thousand cars whose engine class is not installed. 51% — hybrids, 138 500. The number of registered passenger cars fell in ten regions. In Moscow — by 16,600, in the Moscow region — by 11,100, in St. Petersburg — by 11,000, in the Saratov region — by 7,900, in the Kuban — by 7,300, in the Pskov region — by 5,000. In the Kaliningrad region, the passenger car fleet, on the contrary, increased by 9 thousand cars, in the Tyumen region — by 5,300, in Tatarstan — by 2 thousand, in Kamchatka — by a thousand.

Last week, Autostat estimated the state of the country's fleet by the beginning of January this year at 53.86 million units of automotive equipment. Passenger cars accounted for 81% — 45.39 million units. Commercial vehicles (LCVs) are in second place, accounting for 8% or 4.22 million units. The three largest segments are closed by trucks, of which 3.72 million copies or 7% of the total fleet are registered in the Russian Federation.