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Published 27 февраля 2023,, 15:02

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"The Widow's Children" come out of the shadows. The Masons reminded of their existence again

"The Widow's Children" come out of the shadows. The Masons reminded of their existence again

27 февраля 2023, 15:02
Some people consider Freemasonry to be an instrument of behind–the-scenes struggle, a conspiracy of imperialist intelligence services against countries striving for genuine independence, others - a brotherhood that professes the principles of peaceful coexistence of people of different religions and nationalities.

Sergey Putilov

A grandiose "Masonic scandal" is breaking out in the UK.

The London Fire Brigade has been investigated for links to the Grand Lodge of England after criticism of the union. As it became known, the brigade accepted a donation of 2.5 million pounds from the freemasons of London for special equipment, which was put into operation in November 2021. Masonic insignia appeared on the sides of fire trucks. And everything would be fine, however, according to local trade unions, the brotherhood of "freemasons" is "misogynistic", since access to the lodges of the fairer sex is prohibited by ancient statutes. Therefore, it is necessary to erase all Masonic signs from fire trucks, and officially sever ties with the "widow's children". This is reported by The Guardian.

The brotherhood, which has been trying to keep in the shadows for centuries, thus reminded itself again, albeit in a somewhat curious way.

It is difficult to find a person who has not even heard of the "world Masonic conspiracy". The "freemasons" are accused of everything...

How "freemasons" built history

Why do many people not only dislike them, but are frankly afraid of them, although they are often familiar with this historical phenomenon only by hearsay?

Ask any real patriot, and he will sort everything out. These "fiends of the human race", through the mouth of the Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, back in the fourteenth century, cursed all monarchies and the church from a heretical bonfire, swore to establish a "world republic". Who organized the Great French Revolution in 1789? Of course, the "farmazons", who are the offspring of the "cursed Order" and have been faithful to its anti-monarchical and anti-church precepts for centuries. It is not for nothing, as the testimonies shown (although beaten out of the templars under torture) testified that the knights, although once famous for their victories in the crusades, eventually allegedly began to worship a horned and goat-bearded monster named Baphomet? "World Satanism" has become like an underground river, which only occasionally comes to the surface, but at the same time sweeps away entire countries and ruling dynasties each time in order to then again hide from human gaze under the harmless signs of "educational societies", circles of alchemists or high-minded fans of ancient gnosticism. "But the facts, the facts!" another supporter of the "world conspiracy" will exclaim. And he will certainly tell the following fable. After the execution of Louis the Sixteenth, as they say, a half-crazy old man with a long gray beard in white half-rotted robes suddenly jumped out of the crowd on the scaffold, who dipped his hands in the blood of the beheaded monarch, and showed them to the crowd loudly exclaimed: "Jacques de Molay, you are avenged!".

But even this was not enough for the damned freemasons. They created in Germany, the Order of the Illuminati responsible for the revolution in Europe, then of the Italian society of the Carbonari, and finally stretched his disgusting tentacles, even in Russia where the Decembrists hands tried to impose their own rules, that is, to overthrow the legitimate rulers and on the ruins of the "sacred monarchy" to make a "constitutional Sabbath". And that's not all. The First World War. Who would you think arranged this apotheosis of death, in the furnace of which millions of civilized Europeans' lives were burned? That's right, they guessed it - all the same "freemasons" to whom the Serbian nationalist Gavrila Princip belonged, who was in the secret organization "Black Hand" and shot the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Which, in fact, served as a detonator for the pan-European "bloodbath", which became known as the "imperialist war". The Masons warmed their hands here too. In the flames of the war and the subsequent revolutions, three great empires burned down - the Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian. Do you think the Kabbalistic pentagon has become a symbol of Soviet power for nothing? That's the same thing...

Conspiracy theorists have not disappeared in our days. The power of the Masons, they believe, has not weakened at all. You can verify this by simply picking up an American dollar: on it we see an Egyptian pyramid crowned with a Masonic "All-seeing Eye". Now we are struggling with the almighty dollar. But where are the guarantees that the agents of the mysterious world brotherhood did not get into our slender ranks? A friend recently went to Vitebsk, Belarus. So under you, it turns out there is no less than a whole Masonic museum. With all the Freemason paraphernalia - gloves, aprons, circulars, squares, "dead heads" and other "blood-curdling" artifacts. By the way, in Russia Freemasonry, revived after the "perestroika", feels at ease.

Hotbeds of espionage and Zionism, or adherents of universal brotherhood and knowledge?

What happens, the "enemies" on the march?

Let's take a closer look. Who were the Russian enlighteners of the Catherine era? Who established a printing house for mass literacy training of people (Novikov eventually suffered for this, ending up in the Shlisselburg fortress). Did not the great Pushkin belong to the Masonic lodge "Ovid", or the liberator of Russia from the invasion of the French, the commander Kutuzov, who bore the Masonic name "The Green Laurel"? And Odoevsky, who predicted the appearance of blogs, the Internet and airplanes for three hundred years?

The Russian authorities never trusted the "widow's children" (especially considering the history with the Decembrists), although they pompously proclaimed that the main purpose of Masonic works was "to erase differences between races, classes, beliefs, to exterminate fanaticism, superstition, to destroy national hatred, war and unite all mankind with the bonds of love and knowledge." Nevertheless, in 1821, an imperial decree was issued prohibiting the combination of public positions with participation in Masonic lodges. The "underground river" disappeared from the eyes of the "uninitiated" in order to be on the crest of history again already during the ill-fated February revolution of 1917. As it appears from the archives, almost half of the members of the Provisional Government turned out to be "brothers", including its chairman himself, the "Piero of the Revolution" Alexander Kerensky. Then followed the "Bolshevik coup." The dictatorship of the proletariat was imposing its orders with an iron hand, and meanwhile, in 1921, information bombs exploded in the Leningrad press about the disclosure of underground cells of the Rosicrucian, Martinist orders, the Astrea lodge, which consisted of various "unfinished bourgeois elements purged from the party, dentists, fortune tellers, mystics, Kantians and other rabble." The latest reports about members of mysterious lodges have reached us only from the secret archives of the Soviet secret services of the thirties, when all sorts of "magicians and knights" receive solid deadlines and instead of building the Temple of Truth, they are sent under escort to the taiga construction sites of socialism.

The last traces of Freemasons in the socialist "evil empire" date back to the period after the liberation of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Army from the fascist hordes. In the territories cleared of the enemy, however, there were many disguised since the time of the Nazi occupation (Hitler could not stand the "widow's children"). masonic lodges and brothers. In party circles in the early fifties, the question of legalizing the old brotherhood was even raised (for example, in Bulgaria). But the communist leaders, having reasoned sensibly, decided "not to let fleas under the skin."

By the way, the Freemasons had a hard time not only in the countries of the socialist bloc, but also in the "third world" powers that had barely freed themselves from the colonial shackles, who chose to focus on Moscow. So, in Egypt, where Freemasons appeared for the first time in the train of Napoleon's troops during the famous campaign in the land of the pyramids, the brotherhood felt quite at ease until the Nasser revolution. However, by that time, the fans of the construction of the world Temple already belonged to the English lodges, since the country was ruled by the English "damned colonialists". Only in 1956, after the Suez crisis, when Egypt fell victim to the triple aggression of Britain, France and Israel, the "widow's children" were completely expelled from the banks of the Nile, and the lodges were declared "hotbeds of espionage and Zionism." The ban on Freemasonry persists in Egypt to this day. That, however, does not prevent local authorities from adhering to the principles of tolerance, dialogue of religions and "Mediterranean civilization", clearly originating from the same "underground river".

Even if Freemasonry is considered only an instrument of behind-the-scenes struggle, a conspiracy of imperialist intelligence services against countries striving for true independence, this does not negate the contribution that the brotherhood has made to the principles of coexistence of people of different religions and nationalities that have become generally accepted (and even laid down in the UN Charter). However, everyone is free to treat Freemasonry as he wants.

"Even before the revolution, my great-great-grandfather went to study engineering in London, where he joined a Masonic lodge. Moreover, he reached quite high degrees of initiation, as evidenced by his ring with a compass and a square inlaid in black stone. Gloves and an apron made of thin fabric with the symbols of the Masonic lodge have also been preserved. They were carefully kept in our family. Despite the fact that they have reached our time through a relative who served in the Soviet power structures at one time. This has been a family secret for several generations," Ekaterina, a student at a Moscow university, told the author.

Local historians also contribute to the history of the study of the Masonic movement. So, in 2014, in the Shchelkovsky district of the Moscow region on the Vorya River, the expedition of the historian Georgy Rovensky discovered the foundation of the lost Masonic Temple of Friendship, built by Grand Master Lopukhin in the eighteenth century.

Nowadays, the topic of the dialogue of civilizations is becoming relevant, which, for example, the Egyptian government adheres to. At the same time, the roots of this philosophy undoubtedly grow from their Masonic principles, which aimed to build a world without wars and divisions, on the basis of "universal brotherhood and knowledge." Many governments and churches nowadays try to follow the philosophy of ecumenism, that is, the convergence of religions.

The other day it became known that in Alexandria (Egypt), the publication of the Russian-language Ecumenical Almanac "Dialogues" has begun. As a member of the editorial board of the magazine, priest Pavel Levitin told the publication: "The Almanac is a product of the concept of the "city of peace", professed by Alexander the Great at the founding of Alexandria, where people could fearlessly communicate, join great knowledge, live in harmony regardless of race and tribe, religious or political views. The citizens of Earth plunged into fears and squabbles. Unprecedented earthquakes, wars, all this spreads hopelessness. People need a beacon of hope more than ever. Significant attention on the pages of the monthly almanac will be paid to history. In our time, the knowledge of ancient wisdom is very useful. Take at least Lucius Ampelius' "Memorial Book" about constellations. Scorpio was spawned by Diana to take revenge on Orion for trying to defile her while she was hunting naked. As a result, Orion suffered for his ardent passion. And Jupiter placed both Scorpio and Orion to the stars, creating the corresponding constellations. That is, even he did not find out who was right and who was wrong, but restored justice in this way. All this wisdom of centuries requires comprehension in modern conditions. We need to learn to understand each other regardless of nationality, religion or belonging to different state systems".